About Us

Who We Are

Almus, Established in 2012 by a team of treasury professionals, is in the business of "Treasury Advisory, Consulting and Outsourcing – Currency, Commodity and Interest Rate Risk Management". We provide services and create awareness about risk dimensions and ways for managing their risks effectively.

It is always a challenge for Corporates to manage volatile financial markets and handling risks arising from non-core operation like exchange rate movement. In a highly globalized and competitive world, it is imperative that organizations not only have a workable risk management policy but also an impeccable guidance and excellent execution mechanisms.

Almus with its expertise promises in managing risk arising from exchange rate and interest rate movements.

“Our services enables our clients to focus on their core business, while our expert team manages risk and ensures consistent cash flows irrespective of market trends”

About Us

Why Almus

Almus means abundance and nurturing and we stand by our meaning through our ideology by providing complete professional consulting and advisory services to our clients.

  • Featured as one of the 25 promising Consultants
         - Consultant Review Magazine
  • Actively involved in impacting government policies
  • Advisor to GJEPC
  • Pioneers in Concept of Treasury outsourcing
  • Experience Mix of both Bank and Corporate Treasuries
  • Replica of Corporate Dealing Room
  • Complete solution available from Advising to Execution
  • Process driven approach
  • Fundamental Reports decoding the events around the world
  • Quantitative/ Statistical Research
  • Experienced front desk for excellence in execution

Mission and Vision


"To strive for serving our clients in effectively managing currency, commodity & interest rate risks through Research, Advice and Customer-Centric Execution"


"To be the leader in currency, commodity and interest rate risk management"

Our Team

Maulik R Shah
Chief Executive Officer
Jayaram Krishnamurthy
Chief Operating Officer
Venkatesh Bijoor
Chief Strategy Officer