About Us

Who We Are

Almus,a team of treasury professionals,is in the business of 'Advisory,Consulting and Outsourcing of FX and Interest Rate Risk Management.' We partner with corporates in managing thier risks effectively and create awareness about risk dimensions and ways for its management.

Sector We Serve

"At Present our Clients from Various Sectors"

  • Automobile
  • Chemical
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Health Care
  • Pharma
  • Shipping
  • Steel
  • Software
  • Textiles


Almus is the only consulting firm having an in-house corporate Dealing room with leading information provides for customer centric execution and risk management.

  • Information systems(Thomsons Reuters/Tickerplant)covering various markets
  • Online access to price/dealing platform
  • Connectivity with major banks
  • Experienced personnel in Front office/Mid office/Bank office
  • Treasury management System(TMS)to support,manage and monitor Risk and Performance.

Mission and Vision


"To strive for serving our clients in effectively managing currency, commodity & interest rate risks through Research, Advice and Customer-Centric Execution"


"To be the leader in currency, commodity and interest rate risk management"