• Fundamental & Technical Reports on INR, FX Majors, Commodities & Interest rates.
  • Special Reports and Strategic Reports.
  • Interaction with experts and research team .
  • Sharing views on the market and advice to initiate hedge position.
  • Reviewing hedging strategy, approach (dynamic hedging) and working on “GAPs” for improvement.
  • Trade Finance related issues and correspondence.


    We consult at strategic & transaction levels.  
  • Setting Exposure identification process.
  • Create, adhere & review RMP (Risk Management Policy).
  • Advise on borrowing in appropriate currencies and manage exposures for the same.
  • System Studies and Implementation of Treasury Management Systems (TMS).
  • Treasury performance evaluation.
  • Treasury Setup.  
  • Setting up dealing room.
  • Selection of suitable and qualified personnel.
  • Turnkey approach.


    FX Treasury - Build and Operate Build  
  • Frame Risk Management Policy (RMP)
  • Setting Exposure Identification Process.
  • System Study & Implementation of Treasury Management Systems (TMS)
  • Operate  
  • Execution of hedging strategy
  • Manage, measure & monitor risk
  • Pooled Resources, information systems, Treasury expertise (Dealers)
  • Back and Mid Office Support
  • Treasury Performance