CFO Outsourcing


CFO Outsourcing

  • Managing Banking Relationships
  • Accounts and Compliance
  • Role of a Strategic Partner

Managing Banking Relationships

  • Handling Consortium Banking.
  • Negotiating rates with Bankers.
  • Monitoring of Credit limits.
  • Prepare Cash flow & budgeting.
  • Auditing bank compliances.
  • Reporting flagship issues.

Accounts & Compliance

  • Manage processes for financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting to the Management.
  • Manage and supervise financial accounting and tax departments with overall responsibility of hiring,promoting or disciplining of the team.
  • One point of contact to any external consultant on any finance matters:
    • Statutory Auditors.
    • Tax Consultants.
    • Bankers.
    • Any other consultant.

Role of a Strategic Partner

  • Act as a strategic partner along with the management of the company to develop finance strategies by contributing financial and accounting information and establishing functional objectives in line with organizational objectives.
  • Support and drive the company with regard to:
    • Vendor/ Supply management
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Stock Risk Management
    • Any other consultant
  • Develop reliable cash flow projection process and reporting mechanism that includes minimum cash threshold to meet operating needs of the Company.
  • Advisor to the CEO. In the Company, CFO is 2nd in command after CEO.