Complete Treasury Outsourcing


Complete Treasury Outsourcing

  • Exposure Identification process
  • To create, follow & review RMP (Risk Management Policy)
  • Act like a “custodian of currency risk” Assisting in executing hedging decision.
  • Pooled Resources, information systems, Treasury expertise (Dealers)
  • Execution of Hedging Strategy.
  • Back and Mid Office Support, MIS
  • Treasury management systems

Identify Phase

  • Understand business operations, export/import cycles, current hedging strategy and hedging instruments used.
  • Identify the size, nature, exposure trigger point of foreign exchange exposure.

Strategize Phase

Almus will study, spend time with the top management to understand management expectations and risk appetite and formulate a clearly defined risk management strategy.

Execution Phase

  • Monitor and manage FX and interest rate risks on real-time basis.
  • Identify and execute opportunities for hedging and churning the exposures so as to maximize the effective exchange rates.
  • Deal with banks' dealing room on behalf of the company to obtain FX rates for hedging and send confirmation for the same to the company through mail/phone.

Reporting & Monitoring

Real time monitoring and reporting of FX exposures, maturity periods of exposure, compliance with regulatory requirements & performance measurement. Real-time reports on FX-exposures identified, FX-risk covered, and MTM etc. This will involve our team working closely with your team for a common objective. Trade finance function of your organization will be integrated with Alums and we will execute transactions that will cover currency risk management.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on core business.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Cash flow improvement.
  • Performance Measurement.
  • Technology Support.