Future Management Consulting

Are you a business owner or CFO seeking expert guidance in navigating financial risks? Discover how Almus Consulting Services can empower your organization:

Financial Risk Management Framework Review:

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your entire financial risk management framework, analyzing treasury operations that cover the management of currency, commodity, and interest rate risk. Through comprehensive evaluation, we identify opportunities for cost reduction and potential gains. Leveraging historical data, we verify and quantify these opportunities.

Risk Management Policy Framing and Review:

Almus specializes in crafting and evaluating risk management policies, covering currency, commodity, and interest rate risk areas. Our scope encompasses precise exposure identification, delineating hedge ratios, hedging instrument usage, and risk capital review. Additionally, we provide an execution framework, including management dashboards and delineating the roles of back, front, and mid-office teams.

Economic Risk Review:

"Economic exposure is influenced by various factors, including geographical considerations, competitors' hedging strategies, and the currency of competitors. Our services extend to assessing economic risks, identifying how currency fluctuations can impact your business's competitive advantage or disadvantage.



Mitigating Foreign Exchange Risks

Performance Evaluation

Seizing Market Opportunities

Streamlined Focus

Assured cashflow

At Almus, we’re dedicated to enable businesses to proactively manage financial risks and seize opportunities for growth. Reach out to us today to explore how our Consulting services can benefit your organization.